If you find yourself itching to get away, stop by Lightnin RV Rentals in Metro Atlanta. We offer great rates on a full fleet of affordable, luxury-loaded RV rentals. To enjoy some socially distanced rest and relaxation, we recommend heading to one of Georgia’s top seven most often overlooked campsites. A week in the outdoors is sure to do you some good.

RV Camping in Georgia

5. Panola Mountain State Park

Panola Mountain is a 100-acre granite outcrop, much like Stone Mountain and Arabia Mountain. But unlike its contemporaries, Panola Mountain has never been quarried, and its unique ecosystem has been carefully preserved. The park is located just 15 minutes outside of Atlanta and offers a hidden oasis for families to unwind and play. The park is great for visitors of all ages, and offers a playground, archery, geocaching, hiking, orienteering, birding, and tree-climbing programs. 

6. Indian Springs State Park

If you’re looking for a chance to cool off, Indian Springs State Park is the place to go. Indian Springs is one of the oldest state parks in the United States, and is named after the region’s famous spring water. The Creek Indians believed the waters contained healing properties; visitors are able to sample the very same water today. Plus, if you wish to escape the heat, many campers enjoy wading in Sandy Creek and boating on McIntosh Lake.

7. Providence Canyon State Park

Also known as Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon”, Providence Canyon State Park is a hiker’s paradise. The park’s massive canyons were carved out by poor farming practices in the 19th Century; still, these man-made gullies make for some of the most beautiful and frequently photographed scenery in the state. The park is famous for its brightly colored soil and unique plant life. 

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