Since 2003, Lightnin RV Rentals has been setting the bar for the camper-rental industry in Metro Atlanta. We’ve answered a lot of questions from customers over the years about our RV rentals, so we compiled some of the most common ones below.

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All of our recreational vehicles are current-year models. We buy new units every year and use them for up to two seasons. We then sell the used RVs we are replacing.

In most cases, there is just a three-night minimum (a typical weekend). However, special events and holiday weekends require a four-day minimum or more. And remember, our office is not open on Saturdays or Sundays.

No special license, permit, or endorsement is required, but you must meet the following requirements to rent from Lightnin RV:

  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Possess a valid driver’s license (U.S. or international)
  • Provide written proof of insurance coverage
  • Physically present a major credit card in your own name for payment of rental charges (photocopies, third-party credit cards, or attempts to provide a card number over the phone will not be accepted)

All drivers must be 25 years old per insurance regulations.

Don’t worry! We will show you how everything works, and you’ll watch a short “training operations” video on our motorhomes that will help you feel confident before hitting the road.

Yes. We allow up to two additional drivers at no cost. All drivers must be at least 25 and present at the time of departure, so they can provide a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. They will also need to physically sign the rental agreement (faxed signatures or photocopies will not be accepted).

There are no mileage fees for travel trailers. There are 100 miles per night included on all motorhome rentals. For more information, read more about our pricing.

It takes about three minutes to reserve online using our secure system. Simply choose the vehicle type you want, enter the dates you wish to depart and return, estimate the mileage, and follow the prompts from there. It’s that simple.

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We require a $1500 deposit for Class A motorhomes, a $1000 deposit for Class C motorhomes, a $500 deposit for travel trailers and a $300 deposit for pop up campers when you make your reservation. The amount you pay becomes your damage/cleaning deposit when you pick up a unit.

We accept with MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards. The credit card used must be in the customer’s name and be swiped at the time of rental pickup. If you plan to pay your rental charges by check, it must clear BEFORE departure (usually 10 business days).

Most reservations can be canceled up to 30 days prior to their departure date and receive a full refund of their down-payment less the $95 administration fee for Motorhomes or $50 for Trailers. From Day 29 to day 14, you may receive 50% of money paid less the cancellation processing fees listed above. 13 days or less there are NO REFUNDS, and all money paid is forfeited. Consider purchasing Trip Cancellation Coverage. Reservations may be moved ONE time at no charge. Departure must be within 6 months of original booking (special events not applicable for reschedule or TCC).

NO refunds for Special Events such as NASCAR, Bonnaroo, or Holiday Weekends. The full rental amount will be due, and your estimated rental will be charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking.

Yes, Lightnin RV offers free parking for one vehicle for the duration of your rental.

We operate similar to hotels. All departures are between 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. You must return the motorhome by 11:00 AM the day of your last rental day.

For example, if have set up a 4 day, 3 night rental for Friday – Monday, you could pick up your unit between 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM on Friday, and you must return it between 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM on Monday.

Please contact us if you require special arrangements, and we will do our best to satisfy your needs as long as our rental schedule coincides.


Each coach is rented with factory-installed amenities. Most have a microwave, stove, and oven, and a refrigerator/freezer is standard. You should bring bed linens and towels as well as all food, cooking supplies, dishes, and utensils — or rent a kitchen kit from us. We provide a full tank of propane, toilet paper, and chemicals for the lavatory, along with all hoses and connectors needed for outside hookups. Please contact us with any special requests.

If you are unsure of any items, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always happy to help!

Our motorhomes are fully self-contained, with onboard generators for power, complete kitchens, and fully functional restrooms. Travel trailers have kitchens and restrooms, but they are not equipped with a power source. They are 80% self-contained. If you want electricity, you can rent a portable generator or connect to a shore power source.

You will depart with a full tank of gasoline in your rental unit, and we ask that you return it in the same condition. If you fail to do so, our refueling fee is $5.00 per gallon.

No, you can return the RV with whatever is remaining in the tank.

Yes, Lightnin RV asks that you dump the holding tanks used in your rental prior to returning it to us. If you do not empty the tanks yourself, you will incur an additional fee of $69.

Before each unit is rented, Lightnin RV cleans it inside and out. Vehicles should be returned in the same condition as at departure. The cleaning fee for “abused” vehicles starts at $95 per hour and is subject to change.

Yes, you can bring a small well behaved Dog for an additional fee. Sorry we do not allow cats.

No, every Lightnin RV rental is smoke-free and pet-free. If we discover vehicles have been smoked in (this also includes campfire smoke) additional cleaning charges will apply. Fees will be assessed to remove odors (including having the fabric shampooed), for the use of flea bombs, and the overnight use of an odor control device. Prices start at $250 depending on vehicle size and condition. Loss of Use may also be an added cost.

Lightnin RV must be contacted within 24 hours of an accident. If you are in an accident, first call for or render medical aid to any person needing medical attention at the scene if you are able to do so. Call the closest police/state patrol office and have an accident report taken at the time and location of the accident. A copy of this report MUST be provided to both Lightnin RV when the vehicle is returned, and to Zurich Insurance within seven days of the date of the accident.

The accident report form in the trouble-shooting guide must be completed and returned as well. It is recommended that you complete this form at the time and location as the accident as well, while the events are fresh in your mind. Get names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses. Take photographs of all vehicles involved; all persons involved; and the general area where the accident took place. Contact our office immediately at (770) 963-9889 if you have any questions regarding an accident.

You are responsible for any/all interior and exterior damage to Lightnin RV units during the rental period. That means you must pay for any necessary repairs, whether you are at fault or not including acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) or damage caused by another member of your rental party. Additionally, you will be responsible for Loss of Use and Diminished Value of the vehicle caused by that damage.

Yes, Lightnin RV reserves the right to substitute a rental of equal or higher quality if the rental you reserved isn’t available at the time of pickup. If a vehicle of lower size/style or quality is offered and accepted, our liability is the price difference between the vehicle requested and the vehicle offered.

No, absolutely no one is allowed on the roof of any Lightnin RV rental. Ladders included on rentals are only for Lightnin RV personnel to access the roof service.

Lightnin RV rentals are not allowed in the following locations:

  • Death Valley, CA, between May 1 and Oct. 1 of any year
  • Mexico and Alaska
  • The five boroughs that make up New York City, except to drive through on I-95
Also, our vehicles should not be driven on private, gravel, dirt, or logging roads, beaches, or the Apache Trail in Arizona.

Violations void the Collision Damage Waivers.

National Roadside Assistance is provided with all motorhome rentals through Ford. We have an 800-number to call for the following services: Flat tire change; jump start, bring you up to five gallons of gas if you run out; lock-out service (on Class C motorhomes only); and will tow any motorhome to the closest Ford Dealer offering RV chassis service. Roadside Assistance does NOT apply to travel trailers. Trailers have a spare but no jack. Trailer customers are responsible for tire changes and tire damage.

Additionally, you will have an 800-number for our Lightnin RV Rentals for operational questions. Remember, you will also have a manufacturer’s owner’s manual as well as the trouble-shooting guide that can answer most operational questions.

Many auto insurance policies will cover you during your trip. It is imperative to check with your personal agent to verify if your policy will transfer over. If this is the case, we’ll need a binder issued to us, and no additional insurance is needed.

If this is not possible, a Collision Damage Waiver can be purchased from Lightnin RV Rentals.

All of our motorhomes are equipped with an electric power generator. They provide power to operate any electric appliance in the vehicle (roof A/C, color TV, microwave, coffee pot, etc.) when you are not connected to an outside power source. The generator feeds from the same gas tank as the engine and can use approximately one gallon of fuel per hour of operation under load. If you are going to be dry camping, then make sure your fuel and water tanks are topped off prior to parking.

Travel trailers are not equipped with generators. There is an extra cost for using the generator. Please check our pricing page for additional generator cost.

The State of Georgia requires that all children 5 years old and under (or less than 50 lbs) be seated in a child safety seat, anchored by a seat belt. All Lightnin RV vehicles have at least 6 seat belts (most have more). We will not allow any vehicle to depart with any child that fits the above description, without the proper safety seat. If you are flying into Atlanta, then bring your own, the airlines will love you for it!

If you are considering the purchase of an RV, it is very wise to rent one with the intent to discover the type and size RV that you wish to purchase. Because renting is our primary business, we can offer some sound advice to help navigate your way to the RVing lifestyle.

Yes, we do allow towing. Each rental unit has different towing specifications. Please contact us for specific details.

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