COVID-19 Update

To Our Valued Customers,

Lightnin RV Rentals would like to let you know we are still renting RV’s and many of our favorite RV parks are still open! We can help you plan a trip that is both safe and enjoyable.

  • ULV Chemical Fogger: ULV Chemical Foggers are used to disinfect a unit after it has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped by our technicians. We use a hospital-grade cleaning product to disinfect each unit prior to your departure.
  • Gloves: Our technicians put on a fresh pair of gloves for each RV/customer transaction.
  • Our Facility: Our building is disinfected through the implementation of CDC recommendations. We’ve also limited our showroom to 1 customer at a time.
ULV Chemical Fogger

Lightnin RV Rentals is dedicated to the safety of our customers and staff. We want to offer you an RV rental that gives you peace of mind while you getaway on your next adventure. Feel free to contact us at (770) 963-9889 with any questions or to reserve one of our rentals today!

Thank You,
Lightnin RV Rentals

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