If you’re fairly new to RV camping, you may be trying to decide whether to buy or rent an RV for the upcoming camping season. We’ve put together a list of things to consider before making your decision. The team at Lightnin RV Rentals in Atlanta, GA, is happy to help if you have any questions regarding our fleet of rentals or RVs for sale.

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5 Points to Ponder before You Decide to Rent or Buy an RV

1. Try before you buy. Purchasing a motorhome or travel trailer is a big investment. Trying out a few different rental models can help you choose which model is right for you.
2. Consider the time commitment. In order to make an RV purchase worthwhile, you need to be using it for more than one or two weekends per summer. If you’re a light user, a rental is likely best. But if you do a lot of camping, buying your own makes more sense.

3. Are you in for the long haul? Already accustomed to camping in a tent but need an easier option while your kids are little? If your intention is to go back to roughing it when they’re older, a rental may be all you need this year. (Note to the wise: Most people who try RV camping have a hard time going back to their musty tents and sleeping on the ground.)

4. Think of the extra costs. Winterization, seasonal maintenance and storage, and repairs can add up. Be prepared for the extra costs if you’re going to buy.

5. Consider whether you’re also prepared to buy a truck.Towing a travel trailer or pop-up camper requires a truck, SUV, or car that has sufficient towing capacity. If you aren’t prepared to commit to changing vehicles, focus your search on Class A or Class C motorhomes when checking out used RVs for sale.

Whether you’re in the market to buy an RV or prefer to rent one this summer, we’ve got just what you need. Contact Lightnin RV Rentals at (770) 963-9889 to make a reservation, or come take a look at our RVs for sale in the Atlanta area. Whatever you choose, we’ll have you ready for a summer of fun and adventure in the RV of your choice!

Photo credit: public domain via Pexels.