You’re ready to work out all the details for your next great adventure in Georgia. First, you’ll have to decide whether a motorhome or travel trailer better matches your camping style (and your destination). If you would like to speak with someone about your options, you can always contact our staff at Lightnin RV Rentals at (770) 963-9889. But first, here are a few things to consider.

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As a general rule, our motorhomes have more space and can accommodate more passengers. Plus, our motorhomes come equipped with seat belts, allowing your crew to ride in the unit while out on the road. Both motorhomes and travel trailers have ample storage space, but if you need to fit more people, then a motorhome may be your best bet.


From full kitchens to entertainment space to comfortable beds, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that both our travel trailers and motorhomes have some pretty great amenities and finishes. However, if a full bathroom or a master suite is a must, then we recommend that you talk with one of our staff members. We could probably find either a motorhome or travel trailer to meet your needs, but we can’t generalize about either type of RV rental since each one is unique.


Do you love hauling a trailer through the Georgia mountains? Is your vehicle equipped to handle the load? Well, if so, a travel trailer may be a great option. You get to enjoy all the amenities of a motorhome while still having your personal vehicle on hand for smaller trips to and from your campsite. However, if your vehicle isn’t equipped to tow or if it just makes you nervous, then consider a motorhome instead.


Rates vary based on the time of year, but it’s safe to say that a travel trailer will cost you significantly less than a motorhome. So if your budget is tight, then we urge you to consider the travel-trailer option.

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Do you have a few more lingering questions about which RV to rent? Contact our staff at Lightnin RV Rentals at (770) 963-9889. If you’re ready to make that reservation, you can do so on the phone, or you can book online anytime.