How to Choose the Right RV Rental

RV Rental TipsYou’re busy planning your next great getaway, and you’re excited about renting an RV from Lightnin RV Rentals. However, as you look through your rental options, you realize that you have some decisions to make. Just how do you pick the right motorhome rental for your Georgia vacation? Consider these five tips to help you find just the right RV rental.

1. Determine your vacation budget.

If you haven’t already, set an overall budget for your vacation. From there, be sure to break it down into different categories, such as food, lodging, activities, and so on. You can designate exactly how much you want to (and can afford to) spend on your rental and camp sites. That way, you can eliminate any RVs that are outside that price range.

2. Count your crew.

The best method for determining the camper you need is to know how many beds/bed spaces you’ll need. Don’t count passengers because some may decide to share a bed while others need their own space. Determine how many beds you’ll need, and from there, you can narrow down your options.

3. Know whether you want to tow.

Do you like the idea of towing a travel trailer or a pop-up camper? Do you feel comfortable with towing? Many people like the towing option because they can bring along their personal vehicles. However, others don’t like pulling a trailer so they stick with the ride-and-drive motorhome options.

4. Consider your camp site.

Where do you plan to camp? Do they have full hookups for an RV rental, or is it a bit more rustic? There’s no sense in getting an RV with all the bells and whistles if you can’t enjoy it where you’re going. Maybe a pop-up camper will better suit this particular vacation. However, if you know your camp site has everything you need, then by all means, get the Class A RV.

5. Decide on amenities.

When you think of your ideal RV vacation, do you envision everyone piling into a motorhome where you’ll have plenty of space to spread out, watch TV, or get a snack while out on the road? Or do you want the most basic camper because you plan to spend most of your time outdoors hiking or mountain biking? The type of vacation you want to have will help you determine which amenities are important to you.

Need more help finding the right rental? Contact Lightnin RV Rentals anytime at (770) 963-9889. Our team will be glad to walk you through your rental options and help you make a reservation.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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