Brighten Up Your Winter with a Socially Distanced RV Road Trip

The winter blues are setting in early this year, as people prepare for months of isolation and slashed holiday plans. This long, dark winter does not have to be without a few bright spots, though. With an RV rental from Lightnin RV Rentals in Atlanta, you can escape from the doldrums of a COVID winter and enjoy safe, socially distanced fun with your loved ones. 

Socially Distanced RV Travel to Brighten Your Winter

Coping Techniques

Health experts are concerned for the overall well-being of their patients this year, as winter and COVID-19 restrictions exacerbate the winter blues so many people suffer from. The UC Davis Health Department recommends the following tips to help cope with the stress of the winter season:

  • Celebrate the holidays – even if you can’t travel or host guests
  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Get some fresh air and exercise
  • Look for reasons to laugh and find joy in life

Travel Is Medicine

RV travel provides the perfect opportunity to practice many of the tips from the UC Davis Health Department in a safe, socially distanced manner. RV travel allows vacationers to isolate from others, avoid crowded areas, and maintain a healthy environment at all times. Plus, a road trip provides a way for your family to enjoy the outdoors, bond, make memories, and find some joy in an otherwise difficult season.

Tips for Traveling

The key to a successful RV trip during the pandemic is to plan ahead. Call campgrounds in advance to make sure they are still open for business. Pack and prepare enough food so that you don’t need to stop at crowded gas stations or restaurants for meals. And stock up on camping supplies before pulling out, to avoid last-minute stops. Additionally, learn the ins and outs of your RV so you’re not dependent on the help of others when it comes time to hook up your water or deal with minor mechanical issues.

Rent an RV Today

At Lightnin RV Rentals, the safety and satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. As such, we offer current model, luxury-loaded RV rentals that are fully cleaned and sanitized before each use. Whether you want to get away for a long weekend or plan to hit the road for much longer, Lightnin has the perfect motorhome rental to meet your needs. Plan your escape from the dark days of winter by contacting us at (770) 963-9889 or reserving a rental online today.

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