When planning a trip, the question of the ages is how you will handle accommodations. Will you rent an Airbnb? Book a hotel? Rent an RV? With so much to consider, at Atlanta’s own Lightnin RV Rentals, we’re here to offer some help as you make your decision. We know an RV is a great choice. Here are three reasons why you should skip the hotel and take to the open road.

Lightnin RV Rentals and RV Rental

1. Comfort of Home

In an RV rental, the space is comfortable, with amenities like a bathroom, kitchen, A/C, television, and more. You won’t miss out on the essentials. Also, when you arrive at your destination, you can make your outdoor space as comfortable as you want. You can truly take your home with you.

2. Mobile Accomodations

If you decide to do a road trip, using a travel trailer rental or motorhome rental, for example, can save you the hassle of booking in different locations. And if you fancy spontaneity, pack up your belongings, and take it to your next destination. An RV can reside in places where hotels can’t be found for miles around. You are able to experience more of the countryside, and isn’t that what traveling is all about? 

3. Savings in Surprising Places

When you consider the cost of a hotel stay, meals at restaurants, gas for your vehicle, airfare, and maybe even a car rental, the expenses really add up. When you rent an RV, you aren’t just saving money on a hotel stay. You have your vehicle, accommodations, and kitchen with you on the road. It not only simplifies your life, it keeps those dollars in your pocketbook a little longer. 

If you are planning a vacation, contact Lightnin RV Rentals online, or call (770) 963-9889 to learn about our travel trailer, motorhome, and camper rentals. Don’t waste your time in a hotel. Take to the open road because it’s clear; an RV is better than a hotel.